Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope 2007 will bring more good food and less worries about weight! The holidays were wonderful, i got to cook and eat a lot. Finally i had to get in touch with my Russian side--cooked a bunch of traditional Russian salads for New Year. Now since the Orthodox Christmas is approaching (Jan 7th) i will try out a couple of Ukranian recipes and get in touch with my Ukranian roots. I am an all around Slavic girl.
Yummm, food.

Monday, December 18, 2006

LA trip

Just came back from Alhambra. It was a restless weekend but very, very yummy. I guess i can catch up on my sleep throughout the week. But we never stopped eating... i think this was the best weekend ever! In 3 days we managed to have Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese foods!! I came home and my husband had pizza for dinner. Of course i refused to eat that. I think i should move to Alhambra, or in general LA, O.C. area--yes, for food. I would sell my soul for food... Hmm or may be Southeast Asia? Well somewhere like Singapore? It is safe, prosperous, warm and has great food! So what that it is a dictatorship?

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Well i just started cooking again. Actually i have been cooking on and off. Now i'm just trying to cook more frequently. Of course our dishwasher had to break and my hubby is refusing to use ANY dishes. No cooking for me until Wednesday. Meanwhile i will be watching cooking shows to get more ideas. With my work and busy family life i have forgotten how good homemade food tastes. Well on with the fresh start!
I love good food, esp homemade food. I wish i could make good Chinese (and any other Asian cuisine). But i think you actually have to be a trained cheff.
Oh i am going to Alhambra next weekend. My friend lives there and they have a HUGE Chinese community there, with best and pretty authentic places. It is all about authenticity, isn't it? She would know, she is Taiwanese and her hubby is Chinese from mainland. Pretty unusual coupling, but works out great. He takes us to the best Dimsum places, and she takes me to great Taiwanese places. Can't wait!!